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Alexa Now Knows When You Are Sick

Yo, so like I heard that the smart creepy speakers, like Alexa, are getting smarter and know when we are sick. THIS IS GOING TOO FAR!!!

Planes, Games and Fortnite

Yo, so like flying is not as much as it used to be. TSA wants to eat your snacks now, and airlines won't let you take your dinosaur on the plane. On the positive, one airport is letting you play games, like Fortnite, while waiting for your flight.

We Are Being Mind Controlled

Twitter has been abuzz with people talking about is it Yanny or Laurel. It's Laurel, and we are being mind controlled on what to believe!

Google Can Now Impersonate A Human!!

Did you see the Google Duplex feature that can call businesses for you? This scares me! I mean, like what is real now? This is just as scary as the people who created a video that made it look like President Obama was speaking.

My Talk With A Smart Creepy Speaker

I've been discussing the rise of the robots, the creepy smart speakers and how much data that things know about us. I decided to interview an Amazon Echo today. The results were terrifying dudes!!

My Data Was Leaked, but At Least I Know My Spirit Animal is a Bunny

So Facebook told me that my data was leaked for some campaign.

Creepy Amazon Alexa? The rise of the robots?

Alexa devices have been laughing at people. My new iPhone knows where I am at all times. Is this the rise of the robots?

These Smart Speakers Scare Me

So Apple is coming out with their HomePod on February 9th. I'm already terrified of the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. These smart speakers scare me!


Yo Dudes, so like I think there is a ketchup conspiracy!

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